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Beef Jerky Safe Keeping

Here are some tips for beef jerky storage and to maintain your jerky until you get your next shipment.

Unopened Jerky: Jerky that has not been opened and is still sealed in its package can be stored in a cool and dry place like a cabinet, drawer or pantry.  You never want to store your jerky direct light, especially sunlight or near heat sources. Our jerky is vacuum sealed for the best in freshness and shelf life.

Opened Jerky: There are varying opinions out there on whether or not opened Jerky should be refrigerated or not but it seems that most people feel that opened jerky should be kept in the refrigerator to help prevent bacterial growth. Resealing and refrigerating the opened jerky will also keep it fresher for a week or maybe longer.

Freezing Jerky: You can freeze unopened Jerky packs in the freezer for 4 to 6  months. If you opened the original package it came in you should repackage it in a freezer container or storage bag and seal it shut before placing it into the freezer. It also helps to remove any air from your container or bag before freezing to help prevent freezer burn. Make sure you label your containers/bags with the date that you placed it into the freezer.

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